Shkembi Kavajes, Durres, Al
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“Vila Belvedere” complex and hotel

“Vila Belvedere” complex and hotel has started this activity since 21 years ago like a family business,but with the good will to offer you more than just a business.We want you to feel like home,filled with warmth,perfect service and a lot of comfort.
The complex is located on the well known area,of “Shkembi i Kavajes”-Durres. It is 9 km away from the city center and 30 km away from Tirana’s aeroport.
In front of the complex there is an urban sevice with a modest coast. Also you can find services such as markets,restaurants and beach bars. 20 km away from the complex you can find water toys for your children “Aquapark”,various shopping center such as,QTU,Bluestar,Flagship etc.

Restaurant 2 Coast - BAMBOO

Our successful start is due to the restaurant, Vila Belvedere, brings you the Italian style in design and interior, as well as in the famous cuisine throughout Albania. Vila Belvedere has hosted the highest levels of society in its premises. It has three restaurant halls with a capacity of over 200 people, to fill all of your requirement. And to continue the tradition, the “Bamboo” restaurants walk on the keyword of our success, the service. It seems that the freshness and aroma of the sea shore is a secret ingredient in every dish offered in that restaurant. You can choose to spend every moment of your day in the premises of Bamboo, but without losing at any moment the taste of the sea.

Conference Rooms

Villa Belvedere is known for the progress of business activities in Albania and the region. Our main clients are SOROS, UNDP, OSCE, USAID, KSCF, SAVE THE CHILDREN, FLAG and many others have had an unforgettable experience in their meetings.We have 3 conference rooms and a working room.
TOSKANA, hall with a capacity of 150 people. Positioned on the side of the garden and the pool, where the glass facade conveys this soothing and inspiring view. Inside we find the ancient Italian style intertwined with modern elements and a chimney at the top.
NAPOLEON, a hall with a capacity of 70 people. It is located on the fifth floor of the hotel, where it wonderfully offers the view of the sea, as well as inside embraces a typical antique style, with furniture that completely belongs to this spirit.
ORKIDEA, a hall with a capacity of 20 people. It is located on the first floor of the hotel. Each element in this hall blends naturally with the main interiors of our hotel.

A little about us

To make your stay pleasant,we make sure that the complex offers you the possibilities of entertainment,tranquitiy and service.
Complex Hotel “Vila Belvedere” has”:

  • 60 rooms decorated according to the ancient Italian style and curated in detail with the the contemporary standart og interior.
  • Restaurant “Belvedere” with a capacity of over 200 people.
  • Summer restaurant “Garden Taste” with a capacity of over 300 people.
  • Summer bar with pool “Summer Mania”.
  • Restaurant-bar on the coast “Bamboo”.

As stated earlier,our complex offers you so many opportunities for entertainment and tranquility,the proximity to the city makes this priority even more fulfilling,adding to your stay the values by visiting the ancient places in Durres,like Archeological Museum,Amphitheater, Venetian Tower, Durres Castle, Martyrs’ Museum or Zogu Royal Villa.

Conferences and meetings

To make your activity pleasant and successful,you don’t have to worry about the technical equipment and secretarial services you will need. We have taken the care to provide you with everything you need to ensure your progress in every business meeting you can organize and beyond.
The technical equipment we have are:
Designer, design table, flipchart table, sound system, TV, Video DVD, simulator translations.
You can connect video conferencing with your partners wherever they are, through our fiber optic internet service.
Secretariat services you may need:
Computer with internet connection, printer, photocopier, telephone / Fax.

Events and Entertainment

Being a complex has brought us closer to you. In addition to all the services we present above, we also organize various events and entertainment opportunities, to spend as much time as possible with your friends and family.
We offer toys for children, swimming pool for adults and for your little ones, billiards, ping pong, sauna.

Your pleasure is our priority!